Loan Admin 101: Effective Loan Administration Crucial in Pandemic Era

Effective loan administration will protect margins and balance sheets at banks over the next year as financial institutions handle the effects of the pandemic-induced economic crisis. In any economy—but especially in the current one where borrowers’ financial situations are changing or highly uncertain—financial institution loan administration systems deserve a checkup and, in some cases, an … Read more

State Regulators Issue Ransomware Mitigation Tool

State financial regulators, joined by the Bankers’ Electronic Crimes Task Force and U.S. Secret Service, have issued a self-assessment tool to banks they supervise in an effort to help mitigate ransomware attacks. “Ransomware is a major threat to the financial services industry,” says Texas Banking Commissioner Charles G. Cooper, who leads the Bankers’ Electronic Crimes … Read more

Staying Socially Connected in a Socially Distanced World

Let’s be honest, COVID-19 is not going away. But social distancing is being replaced with reasonable reopening. As I write this, the news feeds report that 21 reopened states have increasing rates of infection. That means that businesses need to be smart about how they bring customers back in, but it is not likely that … Read more

Bank Mergers and Acquisitions: Outlook and Review in the Middle of Uncertainty

The spread of the coronavirus presents considerable risks to the world economy in general and the banking industry specifically. By some estimates, China saw economic activity cut in half as it worked to treat those infected by the virus and control its spread. World economic activity may rebound quickly if the virus is effectively contained, … Read more