The COVID Cost Shift

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted banking. Changing consumer behavior has created new habits that will last a lifetime. Remaining relevant in an evolving competitive landscape reshaped by the pandemic is the challenge. Financial institutions that successfully realign network delivery to traverse this challenge will emerge with the ability to capture present and future opportunities. Productivity … Read more

The Era of ‘Banking as a Service’ Has Arrived

What are the greatest threats to traditional banks? Based on the day that you ask any banker, you may get a different answer to the question. Community bankers have watched as big banks and credit unions have infringed upon their lines of business and customer base. More recently, they have witnessed the emergence of fintech … Read more

Taking a Swipe at Scammers: A Skimmer Primer

As the banking industry improves its security procedures, hardware and software, the bad guys are also stepping up their game. One of their weapons—skimmers—continue to get more sophisticated. At the same time, accountability on the part of businesses deploying unattended tellers has been hard to come by. The following is a quick look at some … Read more