Amegy Bank Gives Away a Total of $30,000 to Three Lucky Customers

In January, Houston-based Amegy Bank gave away $10,000 each to three lucky clients—one in San Antonio and two in the bank’s Houston region. According to the bank’s press release, “Times are tough for everyone right now, with the current state of the economy, inflation and overall cost of living, so Amegy Bank wanted to start … Read more

Stacking the Deck: Secrets of High-Performing Banks

By Sean C. Payant, Ph.D. Many bank executives spend considerable time thinking about strategies to improve overall profitability and create sustainable growth. According to what is conveyed in banking industry publications and gleaned at trade shows and conferences, the industry’s best practices generally focus on strategies to cut expenses—using technology, looking at staffing levels, increasing … Read more

Growth Strategies for Any Economic Environment

In times of uncertainty, organizations have a tendency to put the brakes on, losing sight of long-term strategic initiatives and established growth goals. However, history has taught us that the decisions your bank makes today will have lasting implications tomorrow. Business as usual will return and our strategic initiatives and growth goals will still be … Read more